What is it?

The Flexible Pavement Industry demands specialized trade skills to ensure the safety of the traveling public and to protect the government’s most valuable asset – roads. It is, therefore, imperative that those responsible for delivering the nation’s highest quality roads possess qualifications specific to this industry. This will ensure quality, safety, long-term durability, performance, and workforce sustainability while identifying career pathways through the industry.

The AfPA Flexible Pavement Industry Skills Card provides a formal structure to achieve these objectives. Designed by industry for industry, the skills-sets that comprise the Skills Card have been designed to be transferable between employers and state boundaries, ensuring national recognition. The skills-sets align with the Nationally Accredited Certificate III in Civil Infrastructure, enabling individuals to develop the necessary expertise to excel in the industry.

Overall, the AfPA Flexible Pavement Industry Skills Card offers a comprehensive approach to developing the skills and knowledge needed to build and maintain the nation’s roads. By ensuring that individuals possess the right qualifications and expertise, the industry can continue to thrive, providing safe and durable infrastructure for years to come.

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The Australian Flexible Pavements Association (AfPA) has laid the groundwork for the industry’s skills card, which is both transferrable and acknowledges prior experience and the academies of each organisation. In partnership with State Road Authorities and other stakeholders, this scheme aims to identify, train, and qualify workers based on skill sets.

The industry card consists of several developed skill sets, including but not limited to:

  • Bitumen Safety
  • Asphalt Surfacing – Laborer, Operator, Supervisor/Team Leader
  • Spray Sealing – Laborer, Operator, Supervisor/Team Leader
  • Profile Planner Operations – Laborer, Operator, Supervisor/Team Leader
  • Stabilisation Surfacing Operations
  • Asphalt Plant Operations – Manufacture Mineral Products (coming soon)
  • Laboratory Operations Certificate III, Certificate IV, and Diploma.

To ensure uniformity, all units of competency are delivered by an AfPA-endorsed Registered Training Organisation (RTO) under a Training Delivery Agreement. A Verification of Competency (VoC) process will be implemented to ensure that knowledge and skills stay current through a 3-yearly renewal program.

AfPA Endorsed RTO Providers

The RTO’s endorsed to deliver the units of competency under the AfPA Flexible Pavement Industry Skills Card are:

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