Nominate for the 2024 AfPA Industry Awards

State Nomination closing dates for submissions:

Dinner Date Nomination Closing Date
VIC 19 July 2024 21 June 2024
NSW 02 August 2024 05 July 2024
QLD 16 August 2024 19 July 2024
WA 30 August 2024 02 August 2024
NT 06 September 2024 09 August 2024
TAS 20 September 2024 23 August 2024
SA/National 25 October 2024 27 September 2024

State Nomination closing dates for submissions:

Dinner Date Nomination Closing Date
VIC 19 Jul 21 Jun 24
NSW 02 Aug 05 Jul 24
QLD 16 Aug 19 Jul 24
WA 30 Aug 02 Aug 24
NT 06 Sept 09 Aug 24
TAS 20 Sept 23 Aug 24
25 Oct 27 Sept 24

The award categories have been separated and will be celebrated biennial. This year, 2024, AfPA will be celebrating the following Categories, (these will continue to be celebrated biennial moving forward) :

  • Flexible Pavement Field Worker of the year
  • Graduate / Cadet of the year
  • Emerging Leader of the year
  • The Safety Initiative (this award will continue to be celebrated annually)

2025 will see the categories that were celebrated in 2023, open for nomination again.

  • Outstanding Project Award less than & greater than $10 m
  • Innovation Award
  • Female Industry Leadership of the Year
  • Male Industry Leadership of the Year
  • The Safety Initiative (this award will continue to be celebrated annually)

2024 Safety Initiative Award

To nominate an individual or Organisation from within the Flexible Pavement Industry who has partnered with an AfPA Member to deliver the most notable Safety Initiative/s and demonstrated safety improvements for the Flexible Pavement Industry.This award recognises an outstanding safety initiative or innovation that demonstrates creativity, effectiveness and a measurable impact on workplace safety. Nominees should showcase the uniqueness of their approach, provide evidence of successful implementation, measurable results, employee engagement and discuss the initiative’s sustainability and scalability potential. This accolade honours initiatives or innovations that contribute significantly to fostering a safer work environment.

Nominees should meet the following criteria:

  • Innovative Approach: Showcase the uniqueness and creativity of the safety initiative or innovation, emphasising how it differs from conventional practices.
  • Effective Implementation: Demonstrate how the initiative or innovation was successfully implemented, highlighting its impact on improving safety measures within the organisation.
  • Measurable Impact: Provide quantifiable evidence of the initiatives or innovation’s positive impact on reducing accidents, incidents, or hazards in the workplace.
  • Employee Engagement: Illustrate how the initiative encouraged active participation and engagement from employees, fostering a safety-conscious culture.
  • Sustainability and Scalability: Discuss the sustainability of the safety initiative or innovation and its potential for scalability to benefit a broader audience or industry.

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2024 Flexible Pavement Field Worker of the Year

Recognising outstanding contributions by both female and male field workers in the Flexible Pavement Industry, this award aims to recognise individuals who have showcased exceptional on-site performance, while embodying a commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, and leadership within the Flexible Pavement Industry as evidenced by the following criteria: 

Addressing the sections below;

  • Quality Production and Service Delivery: Highlight instances of the nominee’s superior work contributing to high-quality outcomes.
  • Commitment to Safety: Showcase the nominee’s consistent dedication to safety across all activities.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Illustrate the nominee’s commitment to positive customer service outcomes.
  • Positive Role Modelling and Leadership: Describe how the nominee has been a positive role model, showing leadership through guidance and advice to peers and the team.

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2024 Emerging Leader

This award seeks to recognise individuals who, despite being in the early stages of their career, have demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities and contributed significantly to their organisation’s success.
To nominate a female and/or male under the age of 35 and with less than 10 years’ experience within the Flexible Pavements Industry who has demonstrated development in the following criteria below.

  • Industry-wide Leadership and Contribution: Illustrate how the nominee has displayed outstanding leadership and made noteworthy contributions to the Flexible Pavement Industry and the association, going above and beyond their regular responsibilities.
  • Organisational Leadership Impact: Detail how the nominee has exhibited leadership within their organisation, emphasising instances where their influence has contributed to positive outcomes and advancements.
  • Operational Improvements through Initiative: Highlight how the nominee has proactively initiated and implemented improvements in operations, showcasing instances where their self-directed actions have led to positive changes.
  • Notable Outcomes for Organisatio and Industry: Provide concrete evidence and examples of the nominee’s notable outcomes achieved within their organisation and the industry, emphasising the lasting impact of their contributions.
  • Engagement with Industry Stakeholders: Describe how the nominee actively interacts and collaborates with other industry stakeholders and the Association, showcasing their commitment to fostering positive relationships and participating in the broader industry community.

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2024 Graduate/Cadet of the Year

Nominate an individual, female and/or male, with less than 3 years’ experience in the Flexible Pavement Industry, who has shown demonstrated development in the areas listed below:
This award aims to celebrate the achievements of graduates &/or cadets who have made noteworthy contributions early in their careers, reflecting a combination of academic excellence, practical skills, initiative and a commitment to professional growth.

  • Leadership Skills: Showcases leadership potential within their organisation and the industry.
  • Proactive Initiative: Takes actions for positive outcomes beyond their regular role, benefiting both the organisation and the industry.
  • Industry Engagement: Actively participates and contributes to the Association, demonstrating a commitment to broader industry involvement.

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