National Sustainability Committee

Committee membership – 2019

  • John Kypreos (Chair), Kypreos Group
  • Andy Boyd, Boral Asphalt
  • Brendan Liveris, Alex Fraser / Hanson
  • Erik Denneman, Puma Bitumen
  • Gerard Gnanaseela, SAMI Bitumen Technologies
  • James Ng, State Asphalt
  • Katie McElhone, Fulton Hogan
  • Nigel Preston, Viva Energy
  • Ross Brookshaw, Downer Group
  • Stuart Torpy, Wirtgen
  • Trevor Distin, Colas Australia
  • Rob Rouwette, Start2See
  • Norbert Michel, AfPA (Convenor)

AfPA National Sustainability Committee 

Chaired by an AfPA Board member, the Sustainability Committee was established as a separate national committee to promote the sustainable advantages of flexible bituminous pavements and support local and international best sustainable practice and systems. Committee members are drawn from members companies who provide guidance and direct the projects, standards and assist in setting norms and benchmarking for industry. The Committee operates to the AfPA National Sustainability Committee – Sustainability Strategy 2018 – 2020

Strategic Objectives

  •  Promote the sustainability of industry through best environmental management practices
  • Advance our industry reputation as leading, mature and trustworthy, partnering with key stakeholders to drive best industry practice outcomes for Australia.

Sustainability Committee – Strategic Actions 2018-2020

  1.  Sustainability Framework
    To establish a sustainability and environmental framework for ranking of the bituminous product organisations, plants and products, to share with stakeholders, quantifiable metrics to benchmark the reduction in greenhouse gases and environmental impacts
  2. Credibility & Marketing
    AfPA acknowledged as the credible and responsible leader for environmental sustainability publications, directives, standards, benchmarking and industry rating systems.
  3. Advocacy & Partnerships
    AfPA acknowledged as a trusted advisor for standards, norms and regulation of the bituminous product sector.  Through partnerships with like-minded organisations delivering best practice outcomes and improved sustainability in products and services
  4. Benchmarking & Standards
    Through AfPA, a self-regulated industry providing credible guidance to regulators and standards bodies for sustainability and environmental criteria for the use of bituminous materials and the operation of asphalt plants.
  5. Publications
    A comprehensive set of accessible and up-to-date information supporting the credibility and status of AfPA and the environmental sustainability advantages of asphalt and bituminous products

Current Activities

  1. Sustainability Framework for Asphalt – Industry trials of the Plant and Company assessments
  2. Supporting the use of the Product Category Rules Addendum for Asphalt in Australia
  3. Participating in state and national events & conferences promoting the sustainability benefits of bituminous materials

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