Sprayed Sealing Selection & Design Re- Certification

Benefits of the course

Updated knowledge based on the new Austroads Part 4KDesign guide released in 2018

Reassess designers’ knowledge on prime, initial seal, seal and reseal selection, binder selection, traffic assessment, composition and loading and environmental conditions affecting seal selection and performance using a rational, proven approach.


The re-certification focuses on when and where sprayed treatments can be used by introducing participants to the strengths and weaknesses of the various types of sprayed treatments commonly used including the types of surface defects that may be corrected.

It provides Instruction on the use of the current Austroads seal design method for priming, initial sealing and sealing, using real world examples.

Who should do this course?

Engineers, supervisors, consultants and technical officers who are responsible for specifying, selecting, reviewing or designing sprayed treatments who need to be re- certified and are currently undertaking seal selection and design either as a client or as a contractor.

The course is not suitable for inexperienced designers or those who are not on the AfPA Sprayed Sealing Selection Design register, as the assessment relies on extensive knowledge of factors affecting designs which can only be gained by broad and varied field experience.


At the conclusion of this course participants should be able to:

Understand the differences incorporated into the new Austroads Part 4K compared to the previous guides

Be able to demonstrate extensive knowledge of seal selection & design, binder selection based on traffic, environment and climate conditions

Provide advice to both clients and contractors on factors which may adversely affect the performance of seal and reseals.


The participants will be asked for their levels of experience and skills prior to the commencement of the course.

An assessment will consist of an assignment containing a series of scenarios which the participant will provide seal selection and design options and as well undertake a risk assessment to identify conditions which could result in future poor performance from their chosen seal designs.

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