The Australian Flexible Pavement Association is planning the next International Knowledge Transfer (IKT) which will be held in 2023.

The Australian International Knowledge Transfer in 2023 program will be over two weeks in the USA; the itinerary will include meetings with leaders in the key interest areas at Federal and State DoT’s, University and Research Organisations, Contractors and Industry Associations.

Interested delegates are invited to confirm and register by Thursday 23rd February by clicking on IKTUSA-2023 participant registration. We have received overwhelming interest, please note, places are limited.

Key interest areas

  • Initiatives and implementable technologies to reduce carbon footprint in constructing and maintaining pavements
  • Low carbon and reusable materials
  • Pavement preservation best practise to achieve lower life cycle cost and inventories
  • Binder and asphalt characterisation & performance assessment
  • Asset management decision making impact on sustainability
  • How is sustainability valued in procurement practises?
  • Latest research and implementation in pavement engineering & design
  • Heavy duty pavements ports & airports
  • USA road & road workers safety initiatives

Proposed places to visit: California, Alabama, Washington DC, New Jersey, Minnesota.

Click HERE for Details & Itinerary.

Cost: The fixed price lump sum is $22,900 excluding GST.

The full package includes the following:
• economy air travel (international return flights from Australia/New Zealand to USA and domestic flights within USA)
• ground travel between airports in each of the States and to and from meeting venues
• single rooms
• all meals and non-alcoholic refreshments to the participant for the duration of the IKT

The full package does not cover:
• medical and personal insurance costs – participants will be required to show proof that they have this requirement covered
• premium economy or business class upgrade

For further information please email: