AfPA-WALGA webinar WA 2023 | Encouraging the uptake of crumb rubber in local government road building

Registrations Closing on 6th June May 2023

Date :8th June 2023 | Time is 2.30 – 3.30pm AWST

AfPA in association with the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) are pleased to be collaborating to transfer knowledge on crumb rubber use in asphalt and spray seal applications to local government in Western Australia.

The state government has recently provided tens of millions of dollars of funding support to the tyre recycling industry to develop local industry and within the next 12 months there will be over 20,000 tonnes of local produced recycled crumb rubber coming online and available for use in road projects. We will need to see a five-fold increase in the use of this product to take full advantage of the available supply. Local government is best positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.

Increasingly local government is adopting this high-performance product in metropolitan and regional areas. The event will include local government representatives sharing their success stories, and experts from industry providing insights on the production and use of crumb rubber applications. The one hour webinar will also incorporate a lengthy Q&A session where you will get answers to many of your technical and procurement questions.

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  • Jason Campbell – Tyrecycle – providing insights on crumb rubber industry supply
  • Johannes van Heerden – Fulton Hogan – providing insights on fit for purpose crumb rubber asphalt and spray seal applications/specifications for local government
  • Craig Manton – ARRB – providing insights on material selection framework for local government in the context of crumb rubber asphalt and seals
  • Michael Newman – City of Swan – providing insights on successes with crumb rubber pavements in the City of Swan
  • Mark Wood – Morrison Low – providing insights on NSW local government (12 Sydney Councils in SSROC) project activities and successes with crumb rubber pavements.