Asphalt Placement & Compaction

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Benefits of the course

Reduce reworks and ensure value for money by applying quality principles and standards to asphalt placement and compaction.


This course is designed to introduce participants to the basic principles and field construction practices which need to be observed in order to achieve a satisfactory and consistent quality of asphalt and provide a smooth riding pavement surface.

This course includes detailed advice on the following:

Section 1: Types of Asphalt

Section 2: Asphalt Mix Components

Section 3: Austroads Technical Report AP-T65/06 – Asphalt Paving

Section 4: Work Tips

Who should do this course?

Engineers, supervisors and key personnel in an asphalt crew who are involved in supervision or surveillance of asphalt work and the placing and compaction of asphalt in the construction and maintenance of pavements.


At the conclusion of this course you should be able to:

• describe the various types of asphalt and their uses

• describe the correct procedures including:

– site preparation

– tack coating

– supply and delivery of asphalt

– placing and compacting asphalt

– asphalt construction joints

• describe the procedures necessary to achieve a smooth riding surface

• describe rolling patterns and their importance

• describe the paver and roller and understand their functions

• understand the principles and perform the calculations required for ordering asphalt and monitoring quantities placed
and compacted.

Engineers Australia CPD

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Types and conditions of CPD & Key CPD Requirements:

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