On behalf of the Board of Directors I am pleased to announce that Carlos Rial has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association.

Carlos brings to this role over 20 years of road industry experience paired with over 10 years as a senior organisational leader, working in partnership with both the public and private sectors.

Carlos’ extensive experience as an industry leader at the Australian Road Research Board and within government, has seen him drive innovation within the roads sector and invest heavily in the training and skills development of roads expertise across the local government sector.

As a former Chair of the Queensland Safer Roads Sooner Program and Director of the Queensland Roads Alliance, Carlos has significantly enhanced the safety and sustainability of roads and transport. He has a proven track record in effective Stakeholder engagement, a fundamental function of the AAPA CEO role.

As a recognised and trusted industry leader with strong technical and business qualifications Carlos’ impressive track record of hands-on experience in delivering strategic and business outcomes compliments the four AAPA strategic pillars of Communication and Outreach, Technology and Leadership, Safety and Sustainability and Training and Knowledge that he will lead.

Carlos said of his appointment:

‘This appointment is an honour and I am delighted to join the AAPA community.  There is a real opportunity to collaboratively develop a national sustainable future for our industry and for AAPA to provide extended value to its members and trusted partners.

‘I recognise that there are differing opportunities and challenges nationally and am committed to visiting each State to hear first-hand from members and partners what opportunities there are to enhance our sector.

‘I am excited by the 17th AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference ‘Roads of the Future, Embracing Disruption’ in August so we can showcase the Australian Flexible Pavements industry on a global platform.

‘This event is aligned with my intent to add value by using my experience in driving collaboration between all tiers of government and industry to work together, manage change and realise the benefits of innovation. This is the start of a very exciting journey. I look forward to meeting you soon.’

We are very excited to welcome Carlos to lead the association as it heads into it’s next phase of transformation.

Carlos will start his role at AAPA on Monday 27th March.

Rob McGuire
AAPA Chairman

To view Carlos’ Linkedin Profile click HERE.

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