AAPA NSW State and National Gala Dinner and Industry Awards

This year’s AAPA Gala Dinner was held in Sydney’s spectacular Darling Island precinct. It was a fitting way to celebrate and reflect on a year of great achievement for the flexible pavements industry in 2015-2016. ‘Collaboration’ was the catch-cry as the industry prepares to build a national road network that will underpin Australia’s future economic and social development.

AAPA NSW Chair John Kypreos opened proceedings, reminding the room that ‘it’s all about providing a smoother, safer ride and less network interruption’.

NSW Awards

Downer NSW took out the Emerging Leader (Scott Hourigan); Innovation (sustainability initiatives on Victoria Street, Canada Bay); and Outstanding Project (Majura Parkway) Awards. Downer’s Jim Appleby shared the all-important Safety Initiative Award with Fulton Hogan’s Minto Workshop Team. It’s the first time an award has been given to dual winners – the judges could not separate two thoroughly deserving nominations.

SAMI Bitumen Technologies’ Azeem Remtulla won the NSW Industry Leader Award recognising his contribution to the industry over thirty-three years and the role he plays in providing new technologies for Australia.

National Awards

Outgoing AAPA Board Chair Tony Aloisio introduced the AAPA National Awards by acknowledging the strengths of an industry working together across the nation. ‘We’re going way beyond mixing bitumen and aggregate’, Mr Aloisio said. ‘We are building the smart roads of the future.’

Mr Aloisio pointed with satisfaction to heightened levels of ‘honest, open’ engagement with State Road authorities, combined with much greater in-house collaboration. ‘We are all members of AAPA’, Mr Aloisio said. ‘We are here for the common good and that means a great flexible pavements network providing accessibility to services and enabling our community to get to work and school.’

‘We connect communities. We connect kids going to school. We connect goods and services and industries.’

‘Western Australia is on the move. South Australia is to deliver the first truly performance-based asphalt mix design.’

‘In Victoria we are developing the nation’s first forward-driving chip spreading vehicles. Someone’s life is going to be saved. We don’t know who, but someone’s life is going to be saved.’

In NSW, Mr Aloisio said, the industry is delivering some ‘magnificent outcomes’, with Queensland taking great steps forward on harmonised specifications with NSW.

‘The 2016 AAPA National Workshop Series played a big role in improving levels of engagement within the industry and also with the State Road authorities. It was a thought provoking forum.’ Mr Aloisio said.

‘Now we are looking forward to the 17th AAPA International Conference in 2017. Last year’s international conference was a real pinnacle, but next year’s is going to be even better.’

National Safety Initiative Award

The winner of the AAPA National Safety Initiative Award was Fulton Hogan’s David Snape for his ‘Hoon Alert’ automated warning system. The success of Hoon Alert, which delivers a 120 decibel warning to both road workers and the speeding driver, is testament to the growing spirit of collaboration in the flexible pavements industry.

‘I came up with the Hoon Alert to keep my guys safe at the end of every shift’, Mr Snape said in his acceptance speech. Today Hoon Alert has been adopted by road work crews from Fulton Hogan and other companies in Victoria, while the first Hoon Alert system is now being rolled out in New Zealand.

National Emerging Leader Award

James Lemon, from Downer in South Australia, was the winner of the 2016 National Emerging Leader Award.

‘I am lucky to work with such an exceptional team at Downer South Australia’, Mr Lemon said.

‘I challenge you to challenge the status quo. It’s about driving relationships with our customers’, Mr Lemon said.

National Innovation Award

The National Innovation Award went to the NSW winner, Downer, for its sustainability initiatives on the Victoria Street project in Canada Bay.

Downer’s innovative set of treatments was completed in conjunction with Canada Bay Council’s proactive approach to sustainability. It started with a new approach to on-site community consultation and involved the use of four innovative products – High RAP asphalt; Ascrete to reduce the heat island effect; warm mix and toner pave – all of which were adjusted for the particular local conditions.

The new sustainable mix – including up to 30% RAP – is being produced in two state-of-the-art Downer asphalt plants in Hume, ACT and Rosehill in Sydney.

Downer General Manager Gana Varendran said ‘apart from the obvious environmental benefit, our new sustainable asphalt mix delivers cost benefits and exciting performance benefits.’

‘This is for the industry so let’s keep it going.’

National Outstanding Project Award

Boral’s Legacy Way Tunnel and Western Freeway Upgrade in Brisbane won the 2016 National Outstanding Project Award. Rob McGuire, General Manager – Asphalt (QLD) for Boral Construction Materials and AAPA Board Chair-elect, accepted the award for Boral.

The contract used 75,000 tonnes of asphalt including 16,000 tonnes of Stone Mastic Asphalt – at a competitive cost of $19 million.

‘Boral and the Transcity construction team engaged in very detailed preparation and collaboration’, Mr McGuire said.  ‘Together we’re fulfilling the ‘safer, smoother roads’ promise’.

National Industry Leadership Award

To rousing applause SAMI Bitumen Technologies’ Azeem Remtulla rose to accept the 2016 National Industry Leadership Award.

AAPA CEO Michael Caltabiano said ‘Azeem exemplifies all the qualities this industry requires to deliver the smart roads of the future. He is a strong voice for the industry who always goes above and beyond.’

‘Everybody brings something to the table so thanks to all my peers in the industry’, Mr Remtulla said. ‘Whatever I have achieved has been enormously supported by the organisations I’ve worked for and in particular the three CEOs for whom I have worked, Ray Fisher, Ian Willis and now Thierry Defrene.

‘They have supported me and encouraged me to do what I want to do.’

‘I’d also like to pay tribute to the teams I’ve worked with for more than thirty years in the industry’, Mr Remtulla said. ‘You deserve this as much as I do.’

Distinguished Service Award

The final award of the night was given to outgoing AAPA Board Chair Tony Aloisio. Mr Aloisio has more than 30 years’ experience in the asphalt and flexible pavements industry, managing projects and operations in various locations around Australia for several of Australia’s largest flexible pavements contractors.

Mr Aloisio is a member of Australian Constructors Association (ACA) Safety Working Party and the Federal Safety Commission (FSC) Industry Reference Group. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Melbourne and completed an MBA at Melbourne Business School.

He managed the successful award and delivery of major projects at Eastlink and Peninsula Link in Victoria, whilst continuing to grow and develop ongoing business operations in the region.

Mr Aloisio holds a dual role at Fulton Hogan, where manages the corporate disciplines of Health and Safety, Quality, Environment and Sustainability in the Australian business while also responsible for implementing the national safety strategy across all states and territories.

He is an active member of the asphalt and pavements community, having been on the Australian Asphalt Pavements Association (AAPA) Board for five years – three of which as Chair.

In accepting the Distinguished Service Award, Mr Aloisio said ‘it has been a privilege to work in this industry over thirty-plus years.’

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