AfPA TechTalk – October 2021

An overview of the AfPA cutter reduction strategy and roadmap

Registrations closing: 05th October 2021

The use of cutters in sprayed sealing activities has been a well-established practice in Australia for many decades. There is a need to reduce the use of kerosene-type cutters in the industry due to potential safety and environmental risks.

To encourage the development and introduction of suitable technologies with the aim to reduce the use of kerosene-type cutters, the industry needs to agree and be incentivised to investigate the use of alternative technologies.

This TechTalk will explore some of these challenges and opportunities that exist across the industry in the transition towards the industry’s reduction in the use of cutters.

Audience that will benefit from this TechTalk are members of Road Authorities and Councils, Contractors, Research Organisations, Industry Bodies, Engineering Consultants and AfPA members.