Tech Talk June 2022 | Moisture sensitivity solutions

    Registrations closing: 31 May 2022

    Date: 2 June 2022 | Time: 10:00 am – 11.30 am AEST

    Moisture induced damage due to the stripping of the bituminous binder from aggregates is a concern in asphalt pavements which are exposed to moisture during their in-service life. Moisture damage of asphalt pavements is not a distress by itself, but it is the trigger for the development of other distresses in the pavement. To reduce the propensity of moisture induced damage, Australian road agencies specify the use of hydrated lime to mitigate the risk of stripping. While in Europe and USA liquid antistrip agents are commonly used to reduce moisture sensitivity in Australia Hydrated lime is still the preferred choice.

    The tech talk will discuss the solutions available to industry to reduce moisture induced damage.

    Russell Crabb, Consultant – Graymont

    Russell Crabb is an asphalt consultant specialising in the technical aspects of asphalt raw materials, production, mix design, testing, and pavement investigations.  He has over 40 years’ experience in the asphalt industry, is an associate member of AfPA and a member of the NSW Technical Committee.  Currently he is the AfPA representative on Australian Standards committees for specifications and test methods in aggregates and asphalt. Russell is a Graymont consultant and he will share benefits of using hydrated lime to control moisture damage.

    Ian Cook, Marketing Director for the Asia Pacific – Graymont

    Ian Cook is Marketing Director for the Asia Pacific region for Graymont. Ian has been in the lime and limestone business since 2011 and some core responsibilities include forecasting long term trends and developing new products and applications.

    Sean Dorahy, Pavement Manager (Asphalt Technology) – Transport for NSW

    Sean Dorahy is the Pavement Manager (Asphalt Technology) at Transport for NSW with expertise in the areas of asphalt technology, flexible pavement investigation, design and construction. Sean first joined TfNSW (the then RTA) in 2011 and has worked in various areas of the organisation including road construction delivery, road maintenance, pavement engineering and materials testing. He received his Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) from the University of Wollongong and holds a Masters of Pavement Technology from the Centre for Pavement Engineering Education.

    Trey Wurst, Senior Technology Development Engineer – Ingevity Corporation

    Trey Wurst, is a “Senior Technology Development Engineer” at Ingevity Corporation based in N. Charleston, SC. He has bachelors and master’s degrees in civil engineering from Clemson University where he began working on warm mix asphalt used in porous asphalt. During his 10+ years at Ingevity, his work has consisted of research and technical support for warm mix asphal and product development for Ingevity’s additives used in binder modification and recycling. Trey currently lives in Charleston, SC with his wife, Laura, and two kids, Madeline and Gabe.