Registrations Closing on 30th August 2022

Sustainability SMARTS Number 12 –Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) – Exploring barriers to its adoption

This interactive session will be held on Thursday 1st of September and will provide an overview of the technologies and processes that exist to manufacture and deliver warm mix asphalt, as well as exploring some of the barriers to its adoption across the industry.

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Norbert Michel – Executive Director Victoria\Tasmania & National Sustainability Director – AfPA

Responsible for all aspects of member relationship management, training and technical delivery. Communicating AfPA’s objectives, he promotes the sustainable use and growth of bitumen-based products throughout the flexible pavements industry within his States. Norbert is a national and international expert in the areas of road infrastructure life cycle strategic planning, sustainable funding assessment, pavement data collection, pavement management systems and road agency business needs analyses.He has over 20 years of Civil Engineering experience within both government and the private sector and commenced with AfPA in 2017. He is a well-respected pavement asset management specialist with international business development and delivery expertise, having conducted business and delivered conference papers and technical workshops to varied audiences across Europe, Asia, United Arab Emirates and Northern America. Norbert is also actively involved in the governance and delivery of services to the local government sector through his board roles as the Vice President of IPWEA Victoria and as a non-executive board member of IPWEA Australasia.

Anna D’Angelo – Executive Director Technology & Leadership – AfPA

AfPA’s Executive Director Technology and Leadership is responsible for initiating, directing and coordinating national research and technology development activities for the Association which aim to promote the maximum use of member products and services based on sound technical and economic grounds. Anna brings over 20 years’ experience in the development and use of bituminous materials, initially in Italy where she facilitated the introduction of modified binders and bitumen emulsion to the market and in New Zealand overseeing research projects, developing new generation emulsions and coordinating the introduction of performance-based binder specifications. Anna commenced with AfPA in 2019.