Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Forum – NSW November 2022

In-Person Registrations closing: 08th November 2022

Transport for NSW and Local Councils are responsible for managing a road network of over 180,000 km. Our communities expect their roads to provide a level of service that allows them to travel safely and efficiently every day. Road maintenance plays an essential role in achieving this.

Australian Flexible Pavement Association (AfPA) will be hosting a one-day Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Forum. This Forum will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to learn from technical experts, providing for an evidence-based technical exchange of ideas between Transport for NSW, Local Government and private sector technical practitioners. The Forum focuses on shared learning – real scenarios and practical outcomes.

The topics covered in this Forum include:

  • Understanding road maintenance
  • A systematic approach to managing routine maintenance
  • Using AI for road maintenance
  • Road maintenance on sealed road – defects, causes and treatments
  • Introduction to Stabilisation
  • Overview of Base Grade Stabilisation
  • Engineered Geosynthetic Systems for more durable and sustainable construction in sealed roads
  • Rehabilitation – Case study
  • Best practice for managing pavement material suppliers
  • Recycled materials and sustainable pavements
  • Best practice in spray seal application
  • Intelligent Compaction

A detailed program will be made available on our website.

Pamela Henderson – Executive Director of Technical Services, Transport for NSW

Pamela is the Executive Director of Technical Services at Transport for NSW, which provides specialised technical capability and services for the multi-modal delivery, operations and management of the Transport network, and focuses on innovation and driving best practice in engineering. Pamela is particularly proud of her team’s direct involvement in keeping networks open during conditions such as bushfires, flooding and border restrictions. Pamela is motivated by learning and growing from experiences and seeing her teams and people grow, achieve and exceed expectations. She spends  her  spare  time cooking, gardening, bushwalking and generally keeping fit, along with travelling and adventures with her family.

Scott Young – National Technical Manager, Stabilised Pavements of Australia

Scott is the National Technical Manager for Stabilised Pavements of Australia and manages their internal design consultancy, SP Design. He is also the Managing Director for Stabilised Pavements Malaysia. Scott is a Registered Professional Civil Engineer with RPEQ status and holds a Master of Pavement Technology. Scott has been in the stabilisation industry for 20 years and is a past President of Australia’s national association, AustStab. He is a current serving technical committee member of the REAAA Australian Chapter and chairman of AustStab’s National Technical Working Group.

Zehra Kaya – National Business Manager – Roads and Pavements, HUESKER Australia

Zehra holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering with a specialisation in materials, and has completed a Master’s degree in International Business.
Over the past eight years, she has worked on numerous road and airfield projects in Australia, where she has specialised in asphalt reinforcement to tackle the effects of reflective cracking in pavement structures in both maintenance and new construction projects. Zehra combines an in-depth understanding of materials and a strong drive for advanced design and construction practices, with practical experience in the field. She is currently focused on various road and airfield projects, helping deliver increased asset durability and reduced use of non-renewables along with operational and commercial asset benefits.

Hossein Asadi – Senior Manager Pavements, Transport for NSW

Hossein Asadi is Senior Manager Pavements in Transport for NSW. He leads the Pavements Team within Advanced Technical Services (ATS) comprising of several pavement subject matter experts (SMEs). Hossein holds a PhD in Pavement Engineering and has gained close to 20 years’ experience in pavements, asset management and materials engineering. During this time, he has managed and supervised several road and infrastructure teams within projects at national and international levels. This made him instrumental in team leadership and providing state-of-the-art, cost-effective, innovative and sustainable solutions.

Sam Afkar – Principal Leader, ARRB

Sam Afkar is a pavement engineer specialised in pavement and road asset management who commenced employment with ARRB in 2021 as principal leader in the Safer Smarter Infrastructure team delivering innovative solutions, R&D projects, trials and practical solutions for industry issues to provide better value for money, more quality outcomes and more efficient solutions to the road pavement industry. In last 21+ years, Sam has been heavily involved in modelling, forecasting and asset planning for different road assets, as well as implementation of road asset management systems, quality control packages and innovative solutions like trialling and implementing intelligent compaction technology.

Arjan Rensen – Director Roads and Traffic Engineering, Transport for NSW

Arjan Rensen is the Director Roads and Traffic Engineering for Transport for NSW, responsible to drive best practice within the roads and transport engineering disciplines for our customers and communities. This includes the responsibility to keep Transport’s standards for road design, traffic engineering and temporary traffic management up to date and to make sure these standards are applied properly when delivering infrastructure to the community. Arjan is passionate about identifying and implementing innovative solutions and processes to improve existing practices in how we plan, build and maintain our road and transport networks. His aim is to fully achieve the perceived benefits of new concepts for the benefit of the community. Recent employment includes the role of Manager of the Roads and Transport Directorate, a collaboration between IPWEA NSW & ACT and LGNSW, and as Regional Manager NSW and ACT at ARRB.

Linda Nicholson – Director of Asset Strategy , Transport for NSW

Linda is the Director of Asset Strategy at Transport for NSW in the Regional and Outer Metro branch. Her team develops the maintenance strategies to ensure our State Road network is managed to meet the needs of our customers: this is achieved using a delicate balance of customer needs, asset condition, business risk and life cycle costs. Linda is passionate about continuous improvement using evidence-based strategies to ensure we are effectively and efficiently using resources to achieve business objectives and meet the needs of our customers. She enjoys working collaboratively with diverse teams to find innovative solutions, and am always seeking to learn more.

Paul Morassut – Technical and Innovation Manager , Fulton Hogan

Paul is the Technical and Innovation manager for Fulton Hogan. He leads a team of dedicated staff that provide technical services to Fulton Hogan’s Eastern Division. He has worked in the road construction industry for over 28 Years and has held positions in both NSW state government and the private sector. Paul is the current AfPA NSW Technical Committee Chair and has a passion for developing cost effective sustainable solution for the asphalt industry.

Victoria Yang – Contracts & Legal Officer , LGP

Victoria Yang is the Contracts & Legal Officer of LGP. She is an admitted Solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW and the High Court of Australia, and holds a Juris Doctor Degree in the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Laws degree in law overseas. Victoria enjoys over 9 years’ working experience as a legal professional in both the private sector and the government sector by providing legal services to large-scale procurement projects including civil construction projects, mining projects, logistics & transport transactions, and high-value finance matters.

Phill Scott – Chief Procurement Officer , LGP

Phill has a background in Tendering and Contracting in both the private and Local Government sectors. He is LGP’s Chief Procurement Officer and has lectured part-time at TAFE in the areas of Purchasing, Warehousing and Logistics. He has been involved in drafting, evaluation and governance of an estimated 200 tenders and contracts for goods, services, consultancies and constructions over nearly 20 years. Phill was awarded lifetime Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) accreditation from Victoria University in association with the Institute for Supply Management (U.S.A.). He was recognised as a ‘Fellow’ of the World Commerce and Contracting in 2010. Phill is a member of Resolution Institute and is accredited as a probity adviser by that organisation. Phill is a contributing author to the book “Supply Chain Management – A Procurement Perspective” and has written articles published in a number of professional magazines. He has spoken at number of professional conferences in recent years.

Robert Rampton – Operations Manager NSW/ACT (Spray), Boral