National Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee oversees the review process for the technical content presented at the 17th AfPA International Flexible Pavements Conference.
This year the committee is chaired by AfPA’s Director of Technology and Leadership Dr. Erik Denneman and consists of the industry experts and technical minds listed below. Each individual has volunteered their time to assist with the technical program. AfPA thanks the Scientific committee members for their support and contribution.

Committee membership

  • Dr Didier Bodin, Principal Pavement Research Engineer, ARRB
  • Dr Laszlo Petho, Senior Asset Managment Engineer, Fulton Hogan
  • Dr Nigel Preston, Bitumen Technical Director, Viva
  • Mr Stuart Dack, Marketing & Technology Manager, Puma
  • Dr Bevan Sullivan, National Technical Manager, Fulton Hogan
  • Dr Ian van Wijk, Technical Director, Infrastructure, Aurecon
  • Dr Jeffrey Lee, Principal Pavement Engineer, ARRB
  • Mr Azeem Remtulla, General Manager, SAMI
  • Mr Trevor Distin, Asphalt Technology Manager, COLAS
  • Mr Richard Fulton, General Manager – Planning & Development, Fulton Hogan
  • Mr Jonathon Griffin, Materials Management Engineer, MRWA
  • Mr Warren Carter, Technical Manager, Downer
  • Mr Andrew Papacostas, Principal Advisor – Pavements, Geotech & Materials, VicRoads
  • Dr Filippo Giustozzi, Senior Lecturer, RMIT
  • Dr Erik Denneman, Director Technology & Leadership, AfPA
  • Dr John Yeaman, TMR Professor of Pavement Engineering, University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Mr John Esnouf, Principal Engineer – Spray Seal Technology, VicRoads
  • Dr Greg White, Director – USC International, University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Mr Robert Vos, QLD State Executive Officer, AfPA
  • Dr Kym Neaylon, Team Leader, Pavements Rearch and Laboratory Team, OPUS
  • Mr Mike Pickering, Director: Pavements Research and Innovation, TMR
  • Mr Paul Morrassut, Project Manager, RMS