AfPA Sustainability SMARTS – lunch time talk – Number 7

Registrations Closing on 28th September 2021


AfPA National Sustainability Committee members
Rob Rouwette – start2see


Life Cycle Assessment is the underpinning methodology for uniformly evaluating the environmental impact of products and materials. This LCA calculator is part of AfPA’s drive to equip members and their clients with trusted toolkits to support decision making in sustainability and circularity.

At this Sustainability SMARTS – lunch time talk – 7 – AFPA’s National Sustainability Committee will introduce the Asphalt Life Cycle Assessment calculator, explain its operations and run a few demonstrations of its use.

The calculator has been developed by Rob Rouwette of start2see and closely follows the pathway from Sustainability Framework through to the PCR for asphalt.

The pathway runs from the SF4A toolkits for Asphalt Plant, Organisation & Road Project, through this LCA Calculator and onto Product Category Rules Appendix and EPDs. It uses common LCI datasets and is consistent with the approach adopted by the IS Rating System and the Sustainability Assessment Tool developed in WA & QLD.