Registrations Closing on 1st June 2022

    Sustainability SMARTS – lunch time talk – Number 10 (AfPA LCA Calculator) will provide you with an update and refresher of the AfPA Life Cycle Assessment Calculator.

    We introduced the AfPA LCA Calculator in our Sustainability SMARTS of September 2021. Since then, the Calculator has been adopted by a growing audience within our industry. For those who missed last year’s session, as well as those who need a refresher, this is a great opportunity to see how the Calculator works. For those who have started working with the Calculator this is an opportunity to ask in-depth questions and see how others are using the tool.

    We will also provide you with an update of the (minor) changes that have been implemented so far, plus show you what we have in store for the next update.

    Attend our Sustainability Smarts Session #10 to find out more!


    Rob Rouwette -Life cycle expert – start2see Pty Ltd

    Rob is an environmental engineer and senior Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) expert. He is the founding director of start2see and a senior manager with Energetics. Over the past twenty years, Rob has developed a strong background in quantifying the sustainability performance of a wide range of materials, projects and policies.

    In his consulting roles, he manages and reviews LCA and carbon footprint projects. This includes for example delivery of strategic LCA projects for manufacturers of concrete, asphalt and steel products and developing fit-for-purpose tools that enable clients to measure and manage the GHG emissions of their projects. start2see advises the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (IS Council) and developed the ISC Materials Calculator that is used to determine the embodied impacts of materials used on infrastructure projects.

    Rob is a peer reviewer of LCA papers submitted to the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, the Journal of Cleaner Production and the Construction & Building Materials Journal. He also regularly verifies third party LCA’s and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for compliancy with international standards.

    Furthermore, Rob is the current (2021-2023) and a past President of the Australian LCA Society (ALCAS). He has had a pivotal role in developing Australia’s national life cycle inventory database (AusLCI) and the LCA Practitioner Certification Scheme.