Keynote Speakers 

One of the Keynote speakers that will join the symposium, Dr George Chang will give a keynote presentation under the general keynote of “Maximising performance and durability”

Dr George Chang (Transtec) recognized world expert on pavement smoothness and intelligent compaction/construction technologies will be one of the keynote speakers in the Engineering & Construction stream. His research, teaching, specification development, and software tools (such as ProVAL and Veta) have helped make significant technology advancements. Dr. Chang has been the principal investigator for numerous research projects in the US and world-wide that enhance pavement materials/structures, pavement surface characteristics.

Gaylon Baumgardner will provide a summary report and key takeaways of the bitumen emulsion session held during the 7th E&E Congress

Gaylon L. Baumgardner, Ph.D. – Executive Vice President, Paragon Technical Services, Inc./Technical Operations and Development, Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions, Inc., More than thirty-five plus (35) years experience in petroleum and petroleum related products, including asphalt related products and systems. Dr. Baumgardner holds a BS in Chemistry and PhD in Civil Engineering. He currently serves as Chair of the organizing committee for the International Symposium of Asphalt Emulsion Technology (ISAET) for the Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturer’s Association (AEMA)/International Bitumen Emulsion Federation (IBEF). Dr. Baumgardner represents AEMA for the IBEF, serving as president of the IBEF Board of Directors and the IBEF Executive Committee.

Wayne Schwass will provide a keynote address outlining how normalising mental health and acknowledging emotional wellbeing have become paramount in today’s fast paced world. Wayne will also outline how having these difficult conversations can and do positively change lives, and in some situations, these conversations have saved lives.

Wayne Schwass  – After a distinguished AFL playing career, Wayne has become a respected sports media broadcaster, including his current position with TripleM Footy. In addition to his work within the AFL industry, Wayne has also become a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. In 2006, Wayne founded the ‘Sunrise Foundation’, an organization he created which focused on delivering preventative education programs to secondary school students between the years 2007 and 2010. More than 5000 students participated in the foundation’s ‘Headsmart’ program. In 2012, Wayne successfully transitioned into a corporate sales role, a position he held until April 2017. However, Wayne’s passion for health and wellbeing ultimately drew him back to mental health advocacy – a passion that led him to create ‘PukaUp’. Launched in 2017, PukaUp is a social enterprise focusing on mental health, emotional well-being and importantly, suicide prevention. The PukaUp vision is to ‘create the environments for every person to have authentic and genuine conversations about mental health and emotional wellbeing’. Normalising mental health and emotional wellbeing has never been more important. These conversations can and do positively change lives and in some situations, these conversations have saved lives.

Dr Heather Dylla will provide a keynote address under the general keynote theme of “Embedding sustainability in the procurement of roads”.Based on the FHWA activities Heather will share the FHWA’s Sustainable Pavements Program with a particular focus on embedding circular economy principles in the tools and support material provided through the Administration for use in procurement of highways.

Dr. Heather Dylla is a Sustainable Pavement Engineer for the Federal Highway Administration, where she manages the FHWA Sustainable Pavements Program and the Pavement Policy. In this role, she is leading an effort to incorporate principles of life cycle thinking into the design and decision-making process that include the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental, and social impacts. Prior to joining FHWA, Heather was the Director of Sustainable Engineering for the National Asphalt Pavement Association where she managed programs that assisted producers, contractors, and designers in improving the sustainability of pavement construction. In this role, she led an industry effort to develop an Environmental Product Declarations Program for asphalt mixtures.
Heather obtained her doctorate from the Louisiana State University where she focused on quantifying the environmental impacts of photocatalytic concrete pavements.

Mike Southern is a chemistry graduate of the Royal Holloway College, London University, who has dedicated over 30 years to the technical support of bitumen and its downstream products.
Following seven years with Colas Roads, working on polymer modified binder rheology, emulsion development and ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Systems, Mike joined Shell Bitumen UK as Senior Development Engineer. Here, he provided technical support for the UK bitumen business, binder quality and R&D project management.
In 1994, he moved over to the Bitumen Marketing Division at Shell International Oil Products, where for over nine years his main responsibilities included manufacturing liaison, R&D project management and product HSE support. During this time he also chaired the Eurobitume HSE Committee.
Mike joined Eurobitume as Technical Director in 2005 and he is now the Senior Technical Advisor. His main focus is on Technical and HSE, and among other activities he acts as Secretary of the HSE Committee and is a member of the Technical Committee.

Dr.Carsten Karcher graduated from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany the former University of Karlsruhe as a civil engineer. In 2004 he got his Doctors Degree at the same university. From 1999 on he was research assistant, head of the Testing Center according to German guidelines and at the end head of the department “Highway Construction Technology” at KIT. He has a strong bonding to asphalt material and a founded understanding of its technical, environmental and social issues. As head of the department, he acquired and conducted research projects mainly in the field of asphalt pavements. Dr. Karcher is familiar with European projects as well as with print media and TV.
Carsten Karcher started on July, 1st 2013 as the Director of EAPA and is dealing with Health, Safety and Environmental issues and Political items. On 1st January 2019 Dr. Karcher became Secretary General of EAPA.