Capturing international experience in the use of Crumb Rubber Modified binders

Rubberized Asphalt Roads 2018 Conference
& Post Conference meetings and site visits in South Africa

24 September to 5 October 2018

This IKT is the first with direct support and we recognise and acknowledge the contribution
Tyre Stewardship Australia has provided the International Knowledge Transfer Crumb Rubber – South Africa 2018.

Attending are sixteen delegates from across the broad Australian roads industry – equipment manufacturers, binder suppliers, asphalt and spray seal contractors, consulting engineers, state and local road authority representatives, ARRB, TSA and AAPA.

The starting point is the three-day RAR 2018 conference at Kruger Gate, Mpumalunga, South Africa. Held previously in Portugal, USA, Brazil, China and Germany, this is the first time in Africa.

There are papers on a wide range of topics from authors across the world. From an Australian perspective, a paper will be presented on the local use of crumb rubber modified binders and the IKT group have organised an “Australia vs South Africa Crumb Rubber Seal Design Challenge”. Whilst light hearted it is intended to flesh out the differences in approach and outcomes form rubberised seals in the two countries.

The second week begins with the one of the longest site visits of an IKT.  Nearly 400’s kms of toll road with numerous crumb rubber binder seals & asphalt sections will inspected, with the toll company representatives as our guides.

IKT delegates spend the remainder of the week meeting road authorities, CSIR researchers and companies producing and using crumb rubber binders. This will also include the use on low temperature crumb rubber modified binders and discussions on retrofitting spray seal equipment to handle crumb rubber.

On return a Master Class “Advanced Crumb Rubber Technology for Asphalt and Seals” will provide an opportunity for invited international experts to enhance the Australian understanding.  Planned for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane 19 to 23 November 2018.

Delegates will also be invited to provide an overview of the IKT outcomes as breakfasts across the state branches in 2019.

International Knowledge Transfer Crumb Rubber – South Africa 2018


  1. Evaluate the environmentally improved properties for use of Crumb Rubber Modified binders in asphalt, design criteria and specifications.
  2. Investigate design methods and performance expectations of high percentage Crumb Rubber Modified binders in South African sprayed seals and asphalt.
  3. Gain increased understanding of the South African sprayed seal and asphalt operations.
  4. Evaluate performance and life cycle assessment of Crumb Rubber Modified binders to assist in selection and design in Australia.
  5. Capture new developments in more environmentally friendly Crumb Rubber Modified binder
  6. Learn the manufacturing techniques, formulation improvements, updates to Crumb Rubber Modified binder seal specification for longer storage time non-homogeneous Crumb Rubber Modified
  7. Commit to the rapid transfer of the knowledge gained.
  8. Support the speedier implementation of changes to specifications, design systems and selection based on performance.
  9. Gain a broad and improved understanding of the benefits of Crumb Rubber Modified binders in road products.
  10. Support sustainable benefits of the increased use of Crumb Rubber Modified binders in Australia