Intelligent Compaction (IC)

Intelligent compaction (IC) refers to an improved compaction process using rollers equipped with an integrated measurement system. This technology allows contractor and owner agencies to measure real-time material properties during compaction, track progress visually, record measured data and machine settings digitally, and report everything from the field all while using a technically advanced roller.

The main advantage of IC technology is the increase of durability of the pavement through the improvement of compaction uniformity and reduction in construction variability.

This training is crucial for exploring the elements for a successful IC implementation to familiarise with the fundamentals of intelligent compaction and for a successful implementation.


The training will be presented in 4 sessions (2 half-days):

  • Session 1-1 (23rd of June, 8:30 – 10:30):
    Basics of the Intelligent Compaction (IC) technologies
    – IC concept
    – IC elements
    – IC benefits
    – Use of IC
    – IC data collection and data characteristics
    – Operational set-up
    – Target ICMV
    – Case studies and Trial section
    – Practical points
    – IC hardware & software requirements
  • Session 1-2 (23rd of June, 10:40 – 12:30):
    Basics of the Veta software (Data analysis package)
    – Basic Data Import and Viewing in various ways
    – Spot Data Import and Correlation Analysis between the IC data and spot test data
    – ICMV Analysis and Compaction Curves
    – Filter Group Usage, using the Filter Group and Operation Filter
    – Sublot Analysis, using the sublot feature to investigate details of the compaction results
  • Session 2-1 (24th of June, 8:30 – 10:30):
    – Practice hands-on Veta analysis (understand in-depth IC)
    – More features of Veta (and how to operate)
    – Use of examples (Soil and Asphalt)
    – Data analysis and interpretation
  • Session 2-2 (24th of June, 10:40 – 12:30):
    – Hands-on Practice (continue)
    – Troubleshooting
    – Q&A

The training course will be led by Sam Afkar (ARRB), Dr George Chang and Amanda Gilliland (Transtec group).

Who should do this course?
Audience that will benefit from this Master Class are members of Road Authorities and Councils, Contractors, Research Organisations, Industry Bodies and Engineering Consultants.

CPD eligibility of 3 points

Sam Afkar (ARRB)

Dr George Chang (Transtec group)

Amanda Gilliland (Transtec group)