In Person registrations closing: 02nd May 2022 |
    Virtual registrations closing: 04th May 2022

    This event will also be available to be attended virtually.

    ‘AfPA Industry Experts Panel Session – EME2’ is designed to increase the awareness and share the knowledge about EME2 technology with pavement industry experts to support its use as a more cost effective technology to using dense graded asphalt.

    The event will comprise of an interactive discussion with leading experts in EME2 technology from across industry around:

    • materials and construction best practices,
    • pavement design and case studies,
    • Transport for NSW specifications,
    • Q&A session for attendees.

    About EME2

    Enrobés à Module Elevé Class 2 (EME2) or High Modulus asphalt technology is a structural material that offers increased stiffness, superior fatigue and deformation resistance over conventional asphalt base course mixes.

    EME2 is used extensively internationally on main routes, airports and urban roads. It offers several environmental benefits including reduction in the consumption of non-renewable raw materials, reduction in transport and energy usage and structural maintenance, and the service life of the pavement for the equivalent layer thickness.