Embedding Sustainability in Asphalt Procurement

The role of the bituminous product industry in promoting sustainability and reducing our environmental impacts has been advanced by the development of the principles for the AfPA Sustainability Framework for Asphalt (SF4A). The SF4A is a key pillar of a broader Sustainability Strategy that enables Road Authorities and other stakeholders to define best practice, quantify sustainability achievements, embed sustainability metrics into procurement, and reward the industry for continuous improvement initiatives and investment they undertake.

The AfPA Sustainability Framework for Asphalt has been developed through consultation across the industry and is now available for use by industry members and stakeholders. The framework is based on Circular Economy concepts, including life cycle thinking and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approaches, considers the UN Sustainability Development goals and recognises the role the industry plays in society’s key waste reduction requirements.
The AfPA SF4A also permits individual members to assess their operations in terms of their sustainability across Asphalt Production | Organisation | Project Delivery

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