Administration of Asphalt Pavement Specifications

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

The purpose of this course is to educate Administrators, Inspectors, Pre-qualified Asphalt Contractors, Project Managers, Engineers and Site Supervisors in effective procurement of asphalt through the administration of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads specifications:

MRS30 Asphalt Pavements Specification (Measurement)

MRTS30 Asphalt Pavements Technical Specification

MRTS101 Aggregates for Asphalt

MRTS102 Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Materials

MRTS103 Fillers for Asphalt

The majority of asphalt procurement will be achieved by means of quality assured contracts and this has meant a change in the role and responsibilities of suppliers and purchasers.

It is important that asphalt contracts be administered throughout the State with consistent interpretation and this course seeks to give guidance on appropriate interpretation of some issues that are not covered in detail in the specifications.

Note ‘consistent interpretation’ does not mean all roads throughout the State, with the same annual average daily traffic, will finish up with the same type of asphalt or the same pavement design.

In interpreting the specifications, Administrators must be careful to differentiate between what the specifications require and what the client requests the Contractor to do, but which may require a variation to act on.

This course focuses on current issues but does not deal with all aspects of asphalt technology or contract administration in depth. Additional training in these areas is provided by AfPA and the Centre of Pavement Engineering Education.

For projects that utilise MRS30 and MRSTS30 the following personnel must have successfully completed the written assignment for this course:

Contractor’s Project Manager(s), Engineer(s) and Site Supervisor(s) for the asphalt (and sealing) works, and Administrator and Inspector.

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